All our components are powder coated before being shipped off to our customers. The Powder coating facility was setup in 2004.  
  The Components go through a series of pre-surface treatment. This section consists of 7 pre-surface treatment tanks. The maximum job dimension that can be accommodated in a tank is 2.7 meters length X 1.2 meters width X 1.2 meters depth. The cycle time for the pre-surface treatment is as less as 15 minutes.  
  A PLC controlled Gate type transporter for loading and unloading components from tanks. The transporter has a capacity of 1 ton.  
  The surface treated components are hooked to an overhead conveyor which travels over a distance of 160 meters through the A zone type baking oven. The components are baked at 220 degrees Celsius for a period of 10 minutes.  
  The Painted components are carefully inspected and then packed before shipping. We also have a clean and well maintained storage facility for the finished goods.  
  Pre Treatment Plant :  
7 Tank Process  
PLC Controlled automated transporters  
Capacity : 7000 Lts / tank and 1800 Sq. mtr / 8hr shift  
  Powder Coating Plant :  
Overhead conveyorised Powder coating  
Gas Fire Oven  
Capacity 1700 Sq. mtr / 8hr shift , Max component size 800 mm X 1000 mm X 3000 mm  
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